SeeSure Investments is guided and governed by able and efficient Board Members who are responsible for formulating the company’s global strategy across its key markets.

Members of the Board bring to the table diversified experience in terms of operations, strategic new business initiatives, sustainability and financial acumen. They provide regular insights, support and expertise that help to propel the business forward.

Mr. Mohammad Dawood Wajid currently serves as the Managing Director of Arif Dawood Holdings starting from 2016 with more than 16 years of experience in real estate investments, franchising business, and IT.

Mohammad Dawood Wajid graduated from Old Dominion University, Virginia, USA in 2001 with a bachelor degree in Computer Sciences, major in MIT. He began his professional career in 2001 working in Dynamic Systems Integration with several projects in U.S. and Kuwait, then he joined Kharafi National Company for more than 6 years managing several projects within Kuwait and abroad with a total portfolio of USD 10 million per project.

Starting from 2010, Mr. Mohammad Dawood has joined Commit Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd Company as Director, acquiring experience of more than 6 years in real estate investments with important companies. In 2015, Mr. Wajid acquired franchise rights for Canadian coffee chain “Second Cup” and launched premium cafes in Emporium & Packages Malls of Pakistan.

Mr. Mohammad Dawood Wajid made his first visit to Gwadar in 2004, and launched Gwadar’s first informative portal www.gwadarcorner.com. Mr. Wajid also has good reputation, wide and strong connections with many companies, associates and State organizations. In his current position, He is devoting his extensive experience through the real estate department in order to re-establish good relations and to improve the Company’s efficiency.

Mr. Arif Hasan started very young at the age of 17 in family business managing exports of Ghazali Handicrafts. Mr. Wyne’s comprehensive academic background includes an undergraduate degree in Civil engineering and an MBA in International Business (MBA-2008), both from the University of FC.

Mr. Wyne has over 20 years of international investment and development expertise and has worked on projects with an overall valuation exceeding USD 1.5 billion in a multitude of regions ranging from the Middle East, Pakistan, and the U.K.

Being British he has lived in the U.K. from 1996 to 2006 buying and renovating properties. During this time, he has been based in five different locations, including London, Manchester, Bradford, Dubai- UAE, and Kuwait City- Kuwait. He has diverse experience managing large-scale real estate acquisition and development projects.

In 2007, Mr. Arif found AA developers Lahore building town houses, villas, and commercial plazas. His accomplishments included leading project programming teams that included design professionals, contractors, and partners; forming world-class design teams, managing vendor contracts and relationships as well as setting construction contract budgets.

He currently serves as Director Investment & Acquisitions at Arif Dawood Holdings. His recent experience has focused on the design, construction and management of renovation of high-value residential and commercial projects, with the objective of preserving the company’s landmark properties while upgrading them for modern use. Through this assignment, he demonstrated that the investment value of the company’s existing landmark assets in the prime locations could be increased by retooling the project with modern amenities and technological innovation, by increasing the visual appeal and structural stability, by using sophisticated finishing materials that would integrate well with old structure, by implementing smart building automation systems, and at the same time retaining and safeguarding the qualities, traditions and heritage that have made them endearing landmarks. He has strived to support all aspects of the company’s delivery of successful real estate products, enriching the company’s project portfolio.

Samrina Qureshy
Samrina Qureshy
Samrina Qureshy was blessed with the opportunity to move to Canada at the age of 11 with her parents and siblings. Her childhood was spent travelling to many countries thanks to her father being a Chief Pilot with Singapore Airlines. Her love for travel and seeing the world as an opportunity to explore started as a dream at a very young age.

Graduating at the top of her class from Seneca College at the age of 18 she was given the opportunity to work with a renowned Law firm in Toronto Canada. She took this experience to the next level and after completing 2 years in York University in Canada, she decided to attend Law school at University of Durham, England.

While her stay in England she used her 10 Years of retail management experience and worked as a business development manager to help expand small businesses by marketing them in the fashion world. She helped establish multiple stores, operational and strategic management along with recruitment, customer service, training, development and quality assurance.

Samrina’s journey brought her back to Toronto, Canada where she settled back into the retail world with Luxottica, the world’s largest company in the eyewear industry and voted 3rd in the corporate reputation rankings for the whole of Italy! Spending six years with the company and having the experience of building stores and businesses she learned the art of real estate and slowly educated herself in the field to become a successful Realtor in Canada.

After many renovations and investment projects she decided to expand her horizon to Pakistan and currently works as an owner and director with multiple businesses specializing in the world of real estate.

Samrina Qureshy is serving in the real estate business for many years in Canada. Her contribution to serve in real estate skills in Gwadar, Pakistan is a big step towards Pakistani and Canadian business ties. After all the positive appreciations from her clients in real estate world and her meeting with Mr. Muhammad Dawood and Arif Hasan opened up her doors and opportunities to Seesure Investments and the rest is history in the making.