ADH strives to consistently deliver superior risk-adjusted investment returns by combining our collective industry expertise and relationships with investment discipline, core values and a commitment to excellence.

Our mission is to provide leadership those results in successful real estate ventures, prosperous commercial properties, thriving residential communities, and to create a rewarding work environment for our employees. We aim to create long-term sustainable value for our investors through strategic asset growth, increased profitability and the capture of value added opportunities.

Our stakeholders include our employees, owners, business partners, residents, vendors and suppliers, as well as government agencies, regulators and lenders. The interests, goals, and objectives of all stakeholders are important to the success of our company, both individually and collectively.


To become a regional real estate investment and development company diversified through geographic and sectorial differentiation, in order to serve both stakeholders and clients while increasing investment returns.

Core Values

Excellence – We take all of the necessary steps to provide the highest level of service to our stakeholders. Excellence is our goal, providing exceptional service and thorough execution from start to finish in every transaction.

Integrity – Integrity is the foundation of ADH’s corporate value structure. We rely on honesty and virtuous ethics in the everyday workings of the company. We live up to our commitments, responsibilities, and promises. We focus on honest communication and building long-term relationships in which trust is essential.

Innovation – ADH recognizes and embraces the latest design methodology and technology into every aspect of the company to increase productivity and provide increased rewards for our stakeholders. Stakeholders of the company can feel secure in knowing that we continuously research and implement cutting-edge strategies.

Talent – We recognize the exceptional skills of all of our team members and act to cultivate and encourage them. We invest in team members, making sure each one has the opportunity to develop the tools they need to succeed.

Cooperation – We believe that everyone we work with will be more successful in a collaborative environment and strive to develop a real sense of teamwork and partnership in our relationships with all of our stakeholders